Why Choose ExtremeScape.com?

Discover exactly how top industry leaders extract data from the web! Whether you are looking to increase product sales, lead generation or gather data for any other purpose, be sure to contact us today for a detailed review of your specific data-mining needs.

• We can collect data from virtually any kind of website! Websites running complex scripts or running large databases are not a problem for us.

• You can also choose whether to run the software on your own server or feel free to use ours.

The Data Collection Procedure

Upon receiving your custom project, we will put together a unique action plan specific to your project’s requirements.

The process typically involves the following steps:

1. You provide us with the website you would like to extract data from.

2. We will then review each project on an individual basis and prepare a custom action plan.

3. Each plan will contain specific project details about the type of data we can collect and you will be provided with a custom quote.

4. Our support team will be available via phone or shared desktop to go over your project goals and deadlines.

Get started with your custom data project right away by filling in the form to your right. One of our data specialists will get back to your very shortly with a custom quote and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the entire process.

ExtremeScape.com is happy to accommodate any kind of data-related project, large or small!

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